The Reinwardt Academy

The Reinwardt Academy is an academy of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The academy is located in the heart of Amsterdam, which is an international creative hub renowned for its small scale, public safety, high level of relaxedness and vivid cultural and social scenes. Amsterdam has one of the highest museum densities in the world and Reinwardt Academy sits in the middle of it. It entertains relations with scores of museums and heritage institutions and initiatives, large and small, mainstream and fringe, entrepreneurial and activist. The rich fabric of cultural and social diversity offers a unique learning and experience environment, combining a strong sense of the local with an acute awareness of the global.

The Reinwardt Academy positions itself as a centre of excellence in the field of cultural heritage professional education and research; a university where future and established heritage professionals, from all over the world, can exchange knowledge and experience, share inspiring vision and develop innovative professional products. This is why the academy organises expert meetings, international workshops and heritage debates on an annual base.

Besides the Master of Museology, the Academy offers a 4-year Dutch taught Bachelor in Cultural Heritage . In addition, it houses a research group and offers international taylor-made training programme’s on-site. The Cultural Heritage Research Group focuses on the formation of theory and development of education with regard to tangible and intangible cultural heritage. This research group contributes to the reinforcement of the social position of heritage institutions and the further development of the curriculum of heritage education in both the bachelor’s and the master’s courses. The framework of the research programme is determined by the relationship between the field of operations, theoretical reflection and its application to education. International training programmes have, for instance, been conducted in Bejing, Moscow, Bandung, Alexandria.

Introduction to the online programme information

This website provides useful information on the Reinwardt Academy's Master of Museology Programme of the Amsterdam University of the Arts of 2018-2019. This information is available to our students, (guest)lecturers and staff.