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Programme information

Master of Applied Museum and Heritage Studies

AMHS consists of four modules. Each module has its own focus, but the concerns of the previous modules are reflected in each successive one. All lectures, discussions, and excursions frame museum and heritage work within larger discussions based on real case studies. For instance, how does Imagine IC practice participatory approaches in Amsterdam South-East in light of the broader debates on decoloniality and multiculturalism? Or how can the German-Dutch Limes, recently nominated as a World Heritage property, contribute to the social inclusion of the intramural clients of a social welfare institution with mental disabilities? In what way should the Biesboscheilandmuseum raise concern over climate change and flood risks on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the St. Elizabeth Flood in 2021? The purpose here is:

  • to put into practice the theoretical content of the programme, and
  • to develop skills in the field of project-driven work, in particular liaising and networking.

This practical experience combines becoming acquainted with theories and assignments from the previous modules while being trained in methodical thinking and working.