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Programme information

Master of Applied Museum and Heritage Studies

The master’s programme Applied Museum and Heritage Studies (AMHS) is an interdisciplinary master of 60 EC, taught in English, both full-time and part-time. It is designed for professionals who want to gain the knowledge and skills needed for socially engaged interventions in the field of museums and heritage. This programme, which replaced the Master of Museology, offers students the opportunity to study how current societal transitions have an impact on and can be impacted by museum and heritage work. Exhibitions, educational programs, policy plans and community projects are studied, discussed and designed as cultural interventions in a societal context. In line with global developments and the Reinwardt Academy strategic plan the programme focusses on the interrelated themes of sustainability, inclusivity and digitality.

The structure of the 60 EC programme is modular. The programme starts with reflecting and exploring, then expects students to start creating new concepts in groups, and concludes with independent intervention research. In the discussions, students are challenged to make connections to the previous modules: from the first two modules in which the common grounding is shaped, up to the group design project and the individual research project. Our teaching is project-based and practice oriented, dealing with topical questions from partners in the field. The programme structure allows for both part-time and fulltime study. Part-time and full-time students sit together in an highly diverse international classroom which stresses the value of peer-education. The classroom is to reflection of the highly international nature of museum and heritage work in terms of professional networks, clients and audiences. Accordingly, the language of instruction is English.